Olivier Giroud, can we
speak of this merciful draw for Équipe de

Perhaps. I’m pretty
satisfied. Yes it is a good draw. These are matches within reach. We have to do
our job. We know the Albanians since we played them in the qualifiers. We lost
the return leg. We will certainly be wary. I do not know much about Romania,
but it’s a good football nation. We must also be careful. Maybe Switzerland is
the best team in this group. We know each other well. These are always great
matches. The last World Cup made us smile (Les
won 5-2). I hope this will be the case.

This will be the team to beat?

They’ll want revenge. It would be good to approach this game in the best
conditions. We will play against them in the last match. Perhaps we will have the
opportunity to reassure ourselves before. It can also be a final. Those will be
great matches to play. We can not wait to be there.

How does it feel?

I admit that I had to put Équipe
de France
aside. I have big matches with Arsenal but the fact that we have
to talk and get to know the group, it makes you want to do it. A lot of water
will flow under the bridge before then. We’ll have to stay focused, be
effective with our clubs, and above all do not get hurt.

What will be the target of Les

It is to pass the group phase and to go until the end. We are in our home.
We can not hide. We must be ambitious and want to go until the end. In front of
our audience, we must display such high ambitions. The coach speaks of this. We
have a great team and a great desire to shine in front of our public. And
shine, it means winning.


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